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IPSpamFilter.com offers you SPAM protection for your personal and business websites. We monitor spamming activities from around the web and gather that information on a daily basis to provide our customers with the latest anti-spam traffic filtering to their website. Spammers constantly visit your website filling out forms, forums and blogs with useless junk, links, viruses and spam.

If you own a website with any type of registration or submission form such as a membership registration form, e-mail submission, login or even update forms, then IPSpamFilter.com is for you. Our IPSpamFilter tool can help reduce spammers coming to your site by redirecting them to our anti-spam filtering page. IPSpamFilter works with any website and was designed for the independent site owners and web masters like you.

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What does our IP spam filter tool do?

We have gathered IP addresses from many of our sources and other partner web sites that have been a track history of spamming web sites. We have compiled and built a database of these know IP addresses and created our IP spam filter tool with it. As users or potential spammers enter your website our IP spam filter tool automatically compares their IP address with our list of potential spammers IP addresses to see if there is a match. If we detect an IP that matches our database, we automatically redirect them to our spam filter page and stop them cold from entering your website. If they are not in our database, we redirect them into your website with no break in services. Your clients will not even know you are using it unless they were one of those potential spammers.

Do I need to make any modifications to my website?

No, we will assist you in helping you set everything up and provide you the information on how to set up your website to use our spam filtering tool.

Is there a cost?

Not for our free version IP spam filter tool. We encourage everyone to try and use our free version and see how well it works for your website. We are, however, developing a similar more robust subscription based version for website owners who would like a more customized access for their website. An example would be for web masters who want traffic to come to their site for their advertising campaign or products but redirect the traffic only if the user goes to an area where potential spamming can occur such as forms and discussion boards.

What do I need to do to use this?

Just sign up below and make sure you fill out as much of the information as you can, especially your contact and website address. We will visit your site and look to see where our tool would work best on your site. We will then contact you and assist you in getting your account set up. We will walk you through the step you need and provide you with all the information you will need to begin using out free IP spam filter tool.

Why do you offer this free service?

We offer services like this because we really dislike spammers! If we can help you and your business reduce the amount of spam you get on your website, maybe you will spread the word and tell other businesses about us. It is a great way for us to give back to our existing customers and potentially build new relationships with other new businesses. We really hope you like this tool and will tell others about it. Thanks again for visiting IPSpamFilter.com!

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